Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Yachtiness


Your welcome.

I was going to keep this video to myself and plan this routine for my own wedding, but being that it would probably delay you people viewing this awesomeness by 10-15 years, I chose to go ahead and share the experience with you fine people while your still young. I’m sorry but this is just too awesome. The groom is obviously the fucking man and his friends have solid rythm for a bunch of white boys. The chicas in this video are sexy no matter what, considering the fact that they’re wearing sunglasses and are willing to break dance down the aisle. If I were a wedding crasher, I would crash the shit out of this wedding because you know the reception had to be the bomb.

Fast forward to the 3 minute mark, this Paula Abdul-esque choreography is superb. The groom rolling out of the middle is fucking priceless and he follows it up with a “yeah, I’m the fucking man” backpeddle down the aisle. All wins in my opinion.

Females, if any of you are down to get married let me know, because I feel like dancin.

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