Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Yachtiness

Motley Vids That Make Em Say UGHHHH

This is father son bonding at its finest. Got so much hate at first until everyone realized that they are fucking sick with it. I would def kick it with this father son combo. One of the few videos you will ever find on my blog that actually makes you laugh and not feel guilty.

Check out the most intense sport to hit Eastern Europe since genocide. The best part is that you can be poor as fuck and still participate. All you need is a pair of shoes and a nice European healthcare plan for when you fracture both ankles. These spudniks are nuts. If I don’t like one of my kids, this will be the sport he plays.

If you’re really bored, watch this one and be amazed at how talented these losers are. The next concert I’m throwing, Perpertuum Jazzile will be headlining for sure. Looks like a serious rager.

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