Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Yachtiness

Talking Gorilla Doesn’t Approve of Humans with New Year’s Message

Check out this talking gorilla who doesn’t approve of our behavior. I didn’t know sign language could cut to the core like that but it totally does.


Translation: Koko is a gorilla.


Translation: I love y’all but…


Translation: Y’all are fucking stupid.


Translation: It makes me cry.


Translation: I’m trying to protect Earth but you’re fucking it up.


Translation: Don’t think that we won’t fucking kill you. We see you.


Translation: Thank you but go fuck yourself.

Remember the movie Congo? There is a speaking gorilla named “Amy” who requests martinis and leads an expedition to King Soloman’s diamond mine. I can appreciate both. Check out Amy below…

Happy New Year, Koko.

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