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Concepts x NB “The Kennedy”

Concepts has teamed up with New Balance to produce a shoe that is so yachty, Judge Smails can’t even get his hands on a pair. These limited release New Balance 999’s will only be available at Concepts in Cambridge, MA. These sneaks are affectionately coined, “The Kennedy” and are set to drop on April 16th.

Granted I’ve bashed New Balance in the past for coming out with questionable releases, but I’ve also given Concepts their due for their hand in the Lobsters.  They got these just right. A little red, white, and blue never hurt anybody and the grey and taupe accents absolutely finish the drill. Gah, these scream Le Don Francois.

Since you have about zero chance of getting your hands on a pair of The Kennedy’s, get your bid with these Air Max 95’s. These are available at most shoe stores, like Walter’s and Wish in Atlanta, and are a classic colorway of one of the best Nike runner’s of all time.

Speaking of yachts, check out this “Boat Shoe Boat” that Sebago created as a marketing tool. Frat.

Nike Dunk SB “Blue Lobster” FTW!


Nike Skateboarding is back again this Summer with another variation of the “Lobster” and whoo-whee are these fresh. These “Blue Lobsters” are going to be an extremely limited release and Nike SB put their thinking caps on when it came to this release. Each pair is bagged and tagged like a live lobster and put in a foam box along with lacelocks and a Nike SB tee shirt. The sticker on these is $250 bills, but you probably won’t have to worry about that unless you happen to be in Cambridge, Massachussets on June 20th, where they are set to be released at Concepts. Even if you happen to be a big enough hype beast (with no life) to make it to Cambridge, there is going to be a raffle for these sneaks. AKA you have to have no life and be lucky. Double whammy for all you custies out there.

If you aren’t in the Cambridge area and need some new kicks to add to the closet. Nike is releasing the “Mint Green” Nike Air Max 95 later this week and they are super dope. Air Max 95’s are hotter than a plate of yams with extra syrup so cop these if you’re looking for some heaters that are easy to find and wont break the bank.

Nike Air Max 95 "Mint Green"

Nike Air Max 95 "Mint Green"