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Feed Your Brain: King Tut Style

Now, I know most of you bitches that are reading this blog are excited about watching a show about a giant group of pathetic, desperate money grubbing females and one gigantic douchelord callled “The Bachelor”. Fret not my intelligent friends, you have other options on television. Starting last night, Discovery delved into it’s two part series “King Tut Unwrapped” which for the first time, the boy King’s DNA is mapped, his family is officially identified and his short life is investigated in detail. Since the groundbreaking discovery of his intact tomb in the Valley of the Dead in 1922, there has been an ever-increasing interest in King Tut, and ancient Egypt in general. Tonight will shed answers on many questions that have plagued scholars for decades.

If you missed the first half of the series, you can watch or record it tonight on Discovery Channel tonight at 6pm. Dr. Zahi Hawass, aka Dr. Egypt is a man who has built his life around egyptology and the mysteries surrounding King Tut and other famous ancient Egyptians. He is leading this study and now has the technology able to answer critical questions in understanding one of the most famous Pharaoh’s of all time. His distinctive voice may annoy the crap out of you, but give it 30 minutes or so and you’ll be picking up his dialect faster than your parents cleaning lady who you still don’t understand after 12 years of mopping and cleaning while you sit around and talk to her as a formality, knowing that you don’t understand one fucking word she is saying. The researchers on this show are genius, and I am certainly amped on finding out who King Tut’s real parents are. You never know, it could be your mom (ohhhhhhhh!).

So set your DVR for 6pm & 8pm tonight and be ready to record 4 hours straight of awesomeness (only 2 if you were able to catch last night). I would probably have a couple of bowl packs ready so you can break it down in installments since it is lengthy, but be ready to find out some shit about little Tut that will make your head spin. Dr. Zahi Hawass and the Discovery team are ready to kick you in the nuts with some serious ancient Egyption knowledge so wear your jock strap.