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How Can You Not Miss the Eighties?

You probably already noticed that I have incredibly blue eyes.

This is straight up awesome. I want to do a play by play and rip on every comment from this video, but then this blog would be longer than my… nevermind. It’s Monday morning and I’m sure that some of you are still hung over from this weekend so just let the video do the talking. This is so much more legit than eHarmony. Enjoy.

“I’m looking for the goddess. Are you the goddess? Who is the godess?” WTF.

This Kid’s Fucking Nuts

This is AWESOME. His mom apparently cancels his ‘World of Warcraft’ account and this is the result.

What the fuck is wrong with this kid? I thought the losers from that virtual world were nuts, but this kid makes Andy Dick seem normal. Isn’t this psycho a little old for video game freakouts and temper tantrums? His gyrating is fucking paranormal and he sounds like a murder victim.

Also, did anyone else notice the quick stick of the remote in his ass? That was fucking weeeeeeird. I don’t know about you, but that cracked me the fuck up and creeped me out simultaneously. He then followed up by going in and out of the closet? Ironic.