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Hybrid Done Right: Nike Air Hoop Structure Triax 91

Freshy fresh

Freshy fresh

Call me crazy, but I’d say that these are the best hybrids that Nike has done in a really long time. The original Nike Air Structure Triax that dropped in 1991 made some noise when they were re-released last year, but I have a feeling the new basketball version is going to be a serious must-cop for sneakerheads all over. Keeping with the theme of recycling designs, Nike must have put their best and brightest on this new shoe.  The translucent gum rubber sole, air bubble, and high ankle support immediately draw comparisons to the classic Jordan VI’s. The shoes overall shape and accents are reminiscent of the old school J’s (IMO), but still reflect multiple elements of the original running shoe. 

 The bad news about these kicks is that Nike is dropping them during the wrong season. These are set to release around the holidays later this year and just really don’t look like a winter shoe to me. Can you picture these, loosely laced with a complimenting tee and some shorts? Whoo-whee these scream summa time. Granted, they are dope nonetheless, but like my homie Deolu was saying, “I can either go down to MIA in the winter to rock ’em, or I’d have to keep them on ice until summer rolled around.” Real talk. 

 For all of you impatient fuckers, go cop the running shoes for the summer. You can get them in multiple different colorways and they are easy to find for less than a bill. Until Nike starts dropping some new designs that are actually dope, we’ll have to feast on the leftovers.

Nike Air Structure Triax 91

Nike Air Structure Triax 91--Retro

Nike Dunk SB “Blue Lobster” FTW!


Nike Skateboarding is back again this Summer with another variation of the “Lobster” and whoo-whee are these fresh. These “Blue Lobsters” are going to be an extremely limited release and Nike SB put their thinking caps on when it came to this release. Each pair is bagged and tagged like a live lobster and put in a foam box along with lacelocks and a Nike SB tee shirt. The sticker on these is $250 bills, but you probably won’t have to worry about that unless you happen to be in Cambridge, Massachussets on June 20th, where they are set to be released at Concepts. Even if you happen to be a big enough hype beast (with no life) to make it to Cambridge, there is going to be a raffle for these sneaks. AKA you have to have no life and be lucky. Double whammy for all you custies out there.

If you aren’t in the Cambridge area and need some new kicks to add to the closet. Nike is releasing the “Mint Green” Nike Air Max 95 later this week and they are super dope. Air Max 95’s are hotter than a plate of yams with extra syrup so cop these if you’re looking for some heaters that are easy to find and wont break the bank.

Nike Air Max 95 "Mint Green"

Nike Air Max 95 "Mint Green"