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Nike Dunk SB “Cheech & Chong” 420 Release

Representing the headbands of Tommy Chong and “Cheech” Marin, the Nike Dunk SB “Cheech & Chong” is the newest stoner themed SB to hit the shelves on 4/20. To the naked eye, I would say these shoes are fugly considering the copious amounts of white canvas, and we all know that white shoes are for Mexican’s.

Wait, but Nike Skateboarding actually threw a curveball with these bad boys. The white material covering the shoe is a “tearaway” canvas that cloaks a green suede underneath, only revealed when scuffed or torn. Heady! Here’s a closeup teaser pic of the canvas torn away to reveal the green suede…

Below is a picture of last years 4/20 release.

Much bigger fan of last years “Skunk Dunks”, complete with a stash pocket for hiding your nugs, brah.

Concepts x NB “The Kennedy”

Concepts has teamed up with New Balance to produce a shoe that is so yachty, Judge Smails can’t even get his hands on a pair. These limited release New Balance 999’s will only be available at Concepts in Cambridge, MA. These sneaks are affectionately coined, “The Kennedy” and are set to drop on April 16th.

Granted I’ve bashed New Balance in the past for coming out with questionable releases, but I’ve also given Concepts their due for their hand in the Lobsters.  They got these just right. A little red, white, and blue never hurt anybody and the grey and taupe accents absolutely finish the drill. Gah, these scream Le Don Francois.

Since you have about zero chance of getting your hands on a pair of The Kennedy’s, get your bid with these Air Max 95’s. These are available at most shoe stores, like Walter’s and Wish in Atlanta, and are a classic colorway of one of the best Nike runner’s of all time.

Speaking of yachts, check out this “Boat Shoe Boat” that Sebago created as a marketing tool. Frat.


What the fuck is the deal with shoes that just keep on getting higher? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some tasteful high tops but these kicks are just doo doo.


In Supra’s never ending quest of making shoes that look like snowboarding boots, they managed to take one more step towards that goal with their upcoming Supra Skytop 2 release. Not only that, but they pulled a wankster move and threw on a boujie attempt at a Jordan 6 tongue that probably hits your knee caps. I’ve never been that down with Supra because they’re not my steez, but I have always respected their original style and somewhat simplistic look. These aren’t simple. They look like the nutty professor took the top of one shoe, the bottom of another, and sewed them together as a freak experiment. For the loss Supra, I am yet to cop a pair of your shoes, and I think that streak shall continue.


These guys look like the shoes that Patrick Ewing and Kevin Duckworth HAD to wear  at the end of their NBA careers because they were so tall and clumsy they needed space-age ankle support so their old ass legs didn’t snap. What the fuck are you supposed to wear these with? A Bigfoot costume?

air-jordan-flight-45-hi-01Hahaha these shoes look they were the original Jordan III’s customized for Carmen Diaz’s retard brother in “Something About Mary”. Brand Jordan, you should be ashamed of yourself. It looks like every feature from Jordan I thru XX held a gun to your head and told you that you had to include them on this release.

I want to strap these on my feet and go finger paint.

Fashion Shmashion Vol. Deux

As the holiday season approaches, the weather getting colder serves as a reminder to gear up on the freshy fresh that will last you from November to March. I always like winter time because it gives one the chance to get kitted out from head to toe. Don’t get me wrong– I love the summer-time steez of rocking tee’s or sportshirts with shorts and matching sneaks, but winter is the time to take that shit to the next level, ése. Tweed, houndstooth, suede, cashmere, wool, and neutrals combined with nontraditional colors is the Looker T. Washington this winter. Jackets, vests, sweaters, hoodies with bomb tee’s or dress shirts from the waist up, cords or jeans with shoes to match the shirt from the waist down, and some sort of head covering mechanism to finish the fuckin drill. What I’m going to do next is drop some knowledge on you suckas about shoes that are being released this month. Take a seat by the fire and let Le Don show you how to keep those Christmas socks covered in something fresh.

Asics GT-II Tweed Pack

BAM, just like that you got some heaterbockles that everyone can appreciate. Asics are underrated in my awesome opinion and these are super serial and a quality addition to any closet. These Asics GT-II Tweed Packs have the old-school Fratty McFratterson appeal, while keeping the colorway variance dope enough to catch someones eye, without being too much. These kicks are as versatile as you want them to be. Dress them up with a button-down and cord blazer, or dress them down with a hoodie and a Bill Crispy tee. Either way, these are heaters have just enough “umph” to put some bourbon in your nog.

Vans Winter Chukka

Fuck your Dad’s boat shoes and your frat bros Wallabee’s. Get emo on some folk and drop the Vans Chukka on that ass to let them know you’re not a number. These neutrals will kill in any setting. I’d even consider taking these on the feet to church on Christmas Eve with a heady holiday sweater and a mustache. Get on these steezers and remix your traditional footwear with something new. Classic appeal FTMFW.

Nike Dunk SB Low "Un-Hemp"

Cop these bad boys if you like a hot sauce on your collard greens. Nike SB is cracking down on the wackness that had been plaguing most of their 2009 droppings and finishing off the year right with their November and December releases. These Nike SB Dunk Low “UnHemps” look like a sex baby between the Dunk SB  “Hunters” and the Dunk SB “Hemps”. The mellow tone of the hemp combined with the “don’t-shoot-me-i’m-hunting” orange make one rad shoe for the sneaker enthusiast. Definitely not as versatile as the others on this list, but are an absolute smash if you want to turn some heads. I don’t know about you, but I always walk a little easier knowing that I have industrial grade marijuana on my feet.

Del Toro Shoes

Come correct to your next black tie event or holiday party with a classy pair of evening slippers to go along with your cocaine and caviar. A great friend of mine in Miami, Florida started this company, Del Toro Shoes, with Stubbs & Wooton in mind, but offers his high quality shoes at about 1/4th of the price. Easy to dress down to casual with jeans and a blazer, these slippers are more versatile than one might think. Offering dozens of emroidered designs and customizable options, you can add your own touch to any pair of Del Toro’s. Raise your pinky when you drink that Champagne and get yachty this New Year’s Eve with this timeless style that is rarely seen in the South.

Spaulding, take your foot off the boat.

Lakers Win! Let’s Rob a Shoe Store

The Holy Grail near the Staples Center

The Holy Grail-- pre-championship

What is it with the riots? Chill out you crazy fucks. 

After the Los Angeles Lakers became the NBA Champions on Sunday night, a ridiculous riot ensued that completely fucked up the area surrounding the Staples Center. Eleven people were arrested, two cop cars were set ablaze (awesome), and a dope sneaker store was raped by a bunch of hooligans that can’t handle their shit.

The Holy Grail, a consignment boutique of rare and vintage sneakers, was bent over by Lakers fans following  their Championship victory over the Orlando Magic. Not only is this a sticky situation because their store was pillaged, but also because all the inventory at the store was on consignment (they were selling them for other people, and taking a percentage). Thousands of dollars worth of the dopest shoes on the planet are now on the feet of reckless thieves. Not only is this an outrage because of the obvious, but also because these shoes will probably get scuffed.


When the Lakers take win, Imma get dem Yeezys!

There’s one thing I never understood. Why the hell do people riot when something good happens? I just don’t get it. I’m all for a debaucherous night of fuzziness on a celebratory night, but those crazy fuckers in L.A. just took things too far. My idea of a celebration usually ends with a blackout where I wake up in my clothes that I wore the previous night, a pocket full of ridiculous bar tabs, a beer on my bedside table with one sip taken out of it, and the lights still on.

The Holy Grail-- post championship

The Holy Grail-- post-championship

Come on America, let’s keep it classy when we celebrate. Get drunker than Tara Reid,  smoke some cheeb, and get naked with a stranger, but leave the violent riots for South American soccer games.

Nike Dunk SB “Blue Lobster” FTW!


Nike Skateboarding is back again this Summer with another variation of the “Lobster” and whoo-whee are these fresh. These “Blue Lobsters” are going to be an extremely limited release and Nike SB put their thinking caps on when it came to this release. Each pair is bagged and tagged like a live lobster and put in a foam box along with lacelocks and a Nike SB tee shirt. The sticker on these is $250 bills, but you probably won’t have to worry about that unless you happen to be in Cambridge, Massachussets on June 20th, where they are set to be released at Concepts. Even if you happen to be a big enough hype beast (with no life) to make it to Cambridge, there is going to be a raffle for these sneaks. AKA you have to have no life and be lucky. Double whammy for all you custies out there.

If you aren’t in the Cambridge area and need some new kicks to add to the closet. Nike is releasing the “Mint Green” Nike Air Max 95 later this week and they are super dope. Air Max 95’s are hotter than a plate of yams with extra syrup so cop these if you’re looking for some heaters that are easy to find and wont break the bank.

Nike Air Max 95 "Mint Green"

Nike Air Max 95 "Mint Green"