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5 Funky Ways to Feel Good

It’s amazing how a new song or a fresh artist can make completely turn your day around. Considering the fact that work blows and so does a lot of music, I’ve compiled a short list of songs, artists, music videos, or albums that will hopefully alleviate some of the wompness that shits on your day. Instead of wowing you with my intellect and describing music with ridiculous adjectives that you don’t have time to look up on, I’ve decided to make it easier for the masses to understand how this music makes you feel through elaborate imagery and ridiculous scenario’s where this music is appropriate. Each week, I will update with another short list of can’t miss music. Some of the artists I have written about, some I have not, some are well-known, and some are on their way– all have that vibe that will put some jelly in your doughnut.

Washed Out

1. ArtistWashed Out–   The subject of much recent buzz locally and nationally, Washed Out is taking feel good music to the next level. Washed Out seemingly transcends reality and engages the listener with hypnotic melodies, intoxicating vocals, and catchy eighties-esque beats that music lovers of any genre will enjoy. Instead of skipping from song to song when listening to an album, I find myself listening to Washed Out’s music all the way through, and many times taking it back to the top when the music stops. Being featured in Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and the New York Times, Washed Out certainly has not wasted any time gaining the spotlight.

How it makes me feel: Like I’m a fucking baller sitting on a beach in Belize with an 80’s, blonde flat-top while I pay 5 cents per cerveza to the nicest old waiter who tells funny jokes. There’s a beautiful broad that looks like shes from the future sitting next to me and she just keeps on telling me I’m awesome. There are some other people there, I like them, and they’re all groovin. Iguanas and shit. Win.

I don’t know what the f is going on but my myspace links aren’t working so go to to listen to Washed Out

2. Album: “Manners” by Passion Pit– Soulful and passionate music that makes you want to dance like you are good at it and hug people instead of getting all emo and talking about feelings. Passion Pit is on absolute fire. Taking the United States and Europe by storm with their new album “Manners”, Michael Angelakos and his bandmates have experienced a meteoric rise over the past year. Their sound is like crack and their live performance is one of the best I’ve ever witnessed. If you’re not on the Passion Pit train, jump on it and ride because these guys are going straight to the top. Woop woop. I listen to this album pretty much daily when I get done with a long day of hard work. Windows down. Epic.

How it makes me feel: Like I’m walking down the street at a fast pace with a smile on my face and everyone I pass by is feeling the same way and “Manners” is playing as the background music (aka soundtrack). Everyone I pass I shoot them the guns (Zoolander style) and say “Yeah!” and they shoot them back and say “Alright!” and one of us does a spin move and we both keep on walking towards the next smiling face. Heavy bass in harmony with my footsteps. Euphoric.

Listen at


3. Song: “Feel Good” by Pricless the Kid– Stealing this track off his upcoming mixtape for Diamond Supply Co. called “Diamond Life”. Price was holding this banger for the tape but like all good music, it leaked so he went ahead and gave it to the public on the free free. “Feel Good” is a smash that PTK did with T-Pains newest artist, Doe Boy, and the ever-so-talented producers Ashanti “The Mad Violinist” Floyd and Chris Morgan. This track is one to get down to. Not only is the beat on point, but they lyrics make you want to live your life like it’s a weekend.

How it makes me feel: Like I’m on a big ol yacht with an ascot, white oxford with my initials on the sleeve, a navy blazer, and an ever-so-necessary captains hat on while I have a bunch of pretty ladies sitting there basking in the sun rolling me up government issues. A good looking Puerto Rican beauty asks me how I take my mojito. I tell her to make it how I like it dadgummit, and she just does it. I feel like I’m the man, and apparently I am, considering the yacht and the amazing women rolling up funky.

Listen to “Feel Good” by Priceless the Kid

4. Song/Music Video: “99Luft Balons” by Nena (German version)- Although I don’t understand one word of this song, it’s one of my all-time favorites. This 80’s video is a prime example of what some big hair, a funky beat, and a little cocaine can do for the music industry. Who needs to know what the lyrics actually mean when the song is this good? This is one of those tracks where if I tried to describe it, you would have no fucking clue what song I’m talking about, but once the beat started bumping you’d say “Oh, yaaaaaaa! I know this jam.” Don’t waste your time downloading the American version. The German version is significantly yachtier and makes you feel cultured at the same time. I love the way Nena is looking at me when the video starts, I don’t know what shes saying but I’m going to go ahead and assume that it’s very sexual and directed towards me. The video is extremely weird but the song is epic and Nena is one bangin Germ. This was our soundtrack to this past weekend in Nashville so you can imagine how stellar my weekend was. Having a song stuck in your head is one thing, and having one stuck in your head that you don’t speak or understand is just a doozie.

How it makes me feel: Like I’m in a discoteca in Prague on my birthday and there are people from all over the world in one big rager den of a club and some bastard dosed be with the best ecstasy in Europe. I’m doing the running man as fast as I can and having an intense competition with myself and look up to find the entire club doing the running man at the same pace as me. All these goofy European fucks have a clueless smile on their face and are looking at me with that blank Idontspeakyourlanguage-smile where they don’t really understand what is going on but they’re doing it just because they think they’re supposed to. Then, out of nowhere, the song slows down dramatically and Kelly Kapowski comes walking towards me through a cloud of smoke singing the words in German. I tell her I love her, she says something in German that I don’t understand, we kiss, and then the beat starts raging and the running man continues.

5. Album: “Crystal Castles” by Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles is an experimental electronic music band from the province of Ontario consisting of producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass that redefine the word intense. Although well-known throughout the rest of the country and Europe, Atlanta seems to be runt of the litter when it comes to adapting to and discovering new music. Originally, it was just producer Ethan Kath but after witnessing Alice Glass perform a live show with her punk band, he quickly decided she was the missing ingredient to his music and they started recording together. Kath’s intricate beats are sometimes soothing and sometimes chaotic, but blend well with Glass’s distinct vocals to create a vibe that is rarely found in most electronic music. Just an example of how hard this duo throws down, one of  Crystal Castles shows in Los Angeles this summer was shut down by the riot police because of safety precautions. Sounds like a party to me.


How it makes me feel: Like I’m at a hipster rave in an underground music club and all the people’s eyes have gone black (True Blood style) and are in trance of raging unlike anything I’ve ever seen. All the humans there look like robots and all the characters from Mario Kart 64 are at the party. Wario starts a moshpit. Every time people bump into each other the “ching” from Mario on Nintendo sound resonates. Luigi is breakdancing and spinning on his head while Yoshi is bouncing around like crazy and is more jacked up on boog shug than Chevy Chase in Caddyshack. I walk out of the club at 6am and the Batmobile is there waiting to give me a ride home. Digital and bombastic. Trippy.

Listen at

All of these artists are available on iTunes. Go get yourself some good music.

Passion Pit @ The Drunken Unicorn = Fucking Awesome

passionpit2Sometimes good music finds you.
While at Summerfest in Virginia Highlands, one of my good friends and his wife were discussing their plans for that evening when they mentioned they were going to see Passion Pit at the Drunken Unicorn. Just the name “Passion Pit” sounded like a rager of a name for a band so I determined I need to know more about these indie fockers. This couple also has impeccable taste in music so I instantly became intrigued.
I started asking around and soon realized this was one hot ticket and that I needed to be IN. They informed me that the show was sold out so I did what any savvy fucker would do and looked up tickets on Craigslist from my iPhone. I saw a shiesty hipster was selling two tickets for $60 bones (3x face value) and emailed that Van’s wearing, flip-billed fucker to see what the bizness was on the tix. He emailed me back within 5 minutes and was already at Summerfest just waiting for The Don to come pick up tickets.
My friends and I stopped by the ATM and walked out the door and the cut-off short sporting hipsteroni was posted there looking stupid and I knew this was my guy. I handed him my toilet paper ($), grabbed my tickets, kicked him in the shin, and walked back to the Summerfest to party with the plunder.
Fast forward 5 hours, 15 tall boys, and 4 capiranhas later and I was standing at the door of the Drunken Unicorn with a pocket full of funky pre-rolled joints and a smile on my drunken face. We went inside the hotbox of a music club and the room was as crowded as Mormon household. Little did I know that I was about to be blown away by fantasmic awesomeness.
BAM! They started ripping, everyone was sipping, and the whole room started tripping! The lead singer Michael Angelakos was raging vocals and the keyboard, while the rest of the band pumped an absurd amount of energy into the room. I was jumping up and down within thirty seconds (the cool, collected, even-keeled kind of jumping) and stepping on hipster toes like it was my job. I couldn’t believe how sharp the eighties-sounding electronic music blended in perfectly with Angelakos high-pitched, Prince-esque falsetto vocals. They had the entire room captivated and in between songs, I looked around the room and made eye contact with all my peoples and they were nodding their heads like “Told you so, you cocky fucker.” Passion Pit was making it look easy and I instantly became a fist-pumping proponent of their steez.
Passion Pit’s new album, Manners, is going to sell a hell a lot of albums and it literally has been the only album that has been played in my Lambo since the show on Saturday. Although some songs can be a tad on the cheesy side, you can’t help but love them. “Little Secrets” has the addictiveness of “Kids” by MGMT and is sure to be a hit in the coming months. “The Reeling” is a bodacious rager that infuses serious beats and trancelike lyrics that get you hooked like CRACK. “Swimming in the Flood” is a melodic wonder that really gets that good feeling going. I usually don’t give this much props to a band but every song on Manners is smile jerker and it’s definitely worth the $8 dollares on iTunes.
After the show, the kind gents at the Drunken Unicorn opened the floodgates into MJQ where the party continued. I proceeded to get my steez on to “Shorty Swing My Way” mixed with “I’m on a Boat” (brilliance) in MJQ where the party stayed out of control. I was smoking a fatty while watching b-boys do their thing when my friend tapped me and motioned behind us, where all the members of Passion Pit were raging. I turned and gave them props and offered them some tokage of appreciation. They obliged, which reconfirmed my suspicion that they were most certainly a yachty group of cats. I then proceeded to smoke j’s with most of the dudes from the band while I continued to fall deeper into the perils of a Saturday night and completely forgetting about my sister who was waiting outside for an hour.
All in all, I had a radical Saturday and found one of my new favorite bands that is most certainly on a boat. Passion Pit is for the fucking win and I highly recommend these hipsters to anyone that likes good music.