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Beeeeeeeeeannnnns is BACK!

We missed you.

We missed you.

You thought you’d never see him again didn’t you?

Hmmm… if he looked like he ate 12 rolls before, then he must’ve norted 4 grams of Molly this time around. This Chris Farley protege is soaking up MGMT at Bonnaroo and boy does this bear look like he’s enjoying himself. Kids on drugs rule. Give them some glowsticks, some shiny shit, a sweatband, ski goggles, and a bottled water and they are good to go for hours! Maybe babysitters should think about this when handling unruly children. Slip them some “E”, and let the drugs babysit.

Honestly, I have to meet this guy. Next party I throw, I’m hiring this kid and feeding him a lot of drugs and he’d be the entertainment for the night. How great would it be to have your picture taken with this fat emo-wookie? If this guy and Meghan Fox were standing there offering photo ops, I’d honestly be torn.

Sexy People– Second Best Blog Ever

Some of the best things in life are free… Take my blog for example, or another fucking awesome blog simply titled “Sexy People”.

Glamour shots galore of people who are just unfortunate looking? WIN.


“Why yes, I did live in the dorms all four years and no, my RA never found out that I had my kitty, George Michael, in there with me. Take THAT Georgia Tech housing department!”

I bet that cat is  furious that he’s stuck in some sweater that smells like Cheez-Wiz.


Wooooah. Look at this little fucktard. I wonder how she turned out?


Nothing like jean shorts over neon spandex shorts. This kid definitely drove a Mustang convertible and spit on nerds without trust funds on the weekends.



This guy isn’t even that weird looking, I just want to know his name. Mother fucker sold me some fake roofies.


I want that cardigan. Seriously, that thing is Gucci Mane fresh. Other than that, please refrain from putting all of your weight against that tree, Lady. I’m not saying it will tip over, but you never know.  

blog41Yessssss. I was googling myself for hours and finally found a picture from my glory days.  That headband/sunglasses combo will be revisited this fall on Gamedays.

For the source of these pictures, and more that will make you feel better about yourself, go HERE.

Remember, it’s not fun if it’s not at somebody else’s expense.

Video Game Freakout Part Deux

Little kids should be the blunt of more jokes.

To follow up yesterdays video of a freakout over a video game, here’s a little retard that is more around the age where freakouts over Gameboys are more acceptable. This kid gets PISSED, but hey, at least he has his seatbelt on.

Also, does anyone else think its fucked up that this video was taken from the front seat? If it’s his parents, that’s fucking great. Expose your pychotic child to the world for a five star Youtube video. Yessssss.

Dumbass Leaves Weed Ad


Look at that face, its the face of the dumbest mother fucker on this planet. Yesterday, June 23rd, this genius from Massachusett’s left an ad on Craigslist with the title “420 help is here.” Nice code there spudnik. Cops in Tunisia know what 420 means you bong fucker.

The shithead said in the ad “Give me a ring if you need some help”, and then left his phone number.WTF? How stupid are you? A police officer took him up on his offer and bought $45 dollars worth of pot (beasters cough cough) and arrested him immediately. Good call dumbfuck.

Nike Air Dunk SB “Yellow Lobsters”


Concepts and Nike SB are back at it again with another collaboration of the “Lobsters”. The Nike Dunk SB “Blue Lobster”, that I showcased in an earlier post, sold out in seconds and are now fetching around $600-$1000 a pair on Ebay. This picture of the new news just surfaced and the “Yellow’s” are super sick. The picnic table inner lining compliments the yellow nicely and looks much better than the it did on the “Red Lobsters” from last summer. I def think the “Yellow Lobsters” kill it, but they are not quite as dope as the “Blue’s”.

A date has not been publicly set for their release, but they are sure to be uber limited. More details as they come.

This Kid’s Fucking Nuts

This is AWESOME. His mom apparently cancels his ‘World of Warcraft’ account and this is the result.

What the fuck is wrong with this kid? I thought the losers from that virtual world were nuts, but this kid makes Andy Dick seem normal. Isn’t this psycho a little old for video game freakouts and temper tantrums? His gyrating is fucking paranormal and he sounds like a murder victim.

Also, did anyone else notice the quick stick of the remote in his ass? That was fucking weeeeeeird. I don’t know about you, but that cracked me the fuck up and creeped me out simultaneously. He then followed up by going in and out of the closet? Ironic.

Marijuana Tattoos Get You Jobs

blog35Yeah dawg, thats smart as fuck. You won’t regret that in 2 days.


Oh, don’t worry about that nug behind your ear, you’re hired! Besides, you can always just cover that right up with your hair whenever we’re around clients.


That’s a very creative jail tatt you got there. Have fun explaining that one to your kids.


Honestly, how sick are you of being called a pothead?